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In 2004, I purchased a brand new house. I couldn’t understand why the master bedroom and bath was like walking into a freezer in the winter and an oven in the summer. At the recommendation of a friend, I asked Mark Kramer with Acme Insulation investigate. Mark said that he needed to get into attic crawl space above these rooms. He did that by going into the garage and crawling over only to find that access to these room was blocked by wooden boards. After removing the boards, he discovered that there was absolutely NO insulation! My builder’s insulation company didn’t even bother to remove these boards to do any insulation. I was furious. My one year warranty was up and I had no recourse to go after them. I found out the the insulation company my builder used is Marv’s, who has been around for many years. It is apparent Marv’s does NOT inspect the work their employees do because how can you miss not insulating a whole master bedroom, bathroom and closet???? Mark was shocked that my pipes did not burst.

Acme insulators were professional and courteous. They made sure to clean up after themselves, which I greatly appreciated. Mark also followed up after to make sure the work was done correctly and to my satisfaction.

The best news is that my heating and cooling bills have gone down substantially. It is amazing to not have to have a portable heater in the winter and fans in the summer. I can’t believe I lived with this for 4 years before calling for help.

You will not be disappointed with the work Mark and Acme Insulation will do for you. You will be VERY unhappy if you use any other insulator. I’ve recommended Acme to everyone I know. A friend who used Acme at my suggestion experienced a 30% decrease in her electric bill. She was amazed and thrilled. You will be too.
Claire Imaye
5 Star Review